User Research

Interviews are only as useful as the actionable insights they help you find. When I do long-form, open-ended user interviews, I probe for what's going on beneath the surface. I communicate these user insights in a concise, coherent report – this is the starting point for important conversations about where to focus.

 Interaction Design

Once we've collected user, business, and technical needs, it's time to address all those needs with clear, up-to-date interaction patterns. My wireframing tools of choice are pen, paper, scissors, glue stick, tupperware, Post-its, kraft paper, printer paper, colored markers, doors, walls, windows, and other people.

Once we've gotten past this initial rough-and-ready stage and are ready to get into the details, I usually wireframe in Sketch. I'm also fluent in Omnigraffle, Balsamiq, and Illustrator.


To create interactive prototypes that let me test design ideas with users, I use a range of tools, from drag-and-drop screen-linking apps to hand-coding prototypes in HTML/CSS/JS.

  Design Deliverables

My wireframes and deliverables communicate both the big picture of the product's design and the nitty-gritty state, flow, and use case details. They're easy to follow, nice to look at, and ensure that our hard design work makes sense to everyone.


Most of my work is under NDA. Email me at to request a portfolio.